Happy Thanksgiving: Rainbow Teen Safe Space

I hope that you are all enjoying full bellies and hearts today. Despite it’s questionable start, Thanksgiving has become a time for celebrating family, friends, and food. My husband and I headed slightly south for a cold weather reprieve (I hope!), bourbon, pie, and the famous Jewsbury mashed potatoes.

Among many things, something for which I’m thankful this year is the Rainbow Teens Safe Space campaign. It is always important to see teens being supported, especially teens who are dangerously marginalized. According to their website, “Korea is a culturally conservative society; therefore, heterosexism and homophobia are prevalent in the homes, schools, religious centers, and streets. Consequently, LGBTQ teens are very likely to be in danger of emotional, verbal, and sometimes physical abuse/violence. As a result, they face psychological problems such as depression, low self-esteem, and high risk of committing suicide. Despite the demand, there are no free counseling centers, hotlines, or shelters in Korea for the LGBTQ teens.” Additional documentation about the project is provided here.

Enjoy your day today!